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We not only build superior performing homes we have the expertise to design your dream home with you

Why Build with Us?

  • Exceptional Craftsmanship Defect Free – Fully committed to providing you with a ‘defect free’ home – Experienced staff and dedicated systems ensure this is achieved however complex the build. An ‘independent’ 10 year builders guarantee provides you even more peace of mind.

  • Outstanding Customer Experience – Frequent and open lines of communication and personalised to your unique needs. You get access to your own online job portal providing 24/7 access to progress, selection choices, variations and communication streams, so you are always in control, wherever you are!

  • No Hidden Costs – As many costs as possible within your contract are fixed, and we work with you to do this. Our transparent process clearly documents all agreed inclusions, exclusions and allowances providing a realistic final cost and no hidden extras. A successful variation process allows you to change your mind with the assurances of written approval and transparency.

  • We Listen to What You Want and Our Expertise Is On-Hand to Assist YOU! – With years of successful builds behind us, let us help you to work through the build and/or design process working together to your budget, your build priorities,and your lifestyle requirements.

  • Brent Chatterton Passive CertificationWe are Trained and Qualified – Operating for over 20 years and employing passionate experienced staff we are confident in our ability to create for you your dream home. Through ongoing upskill, qualifications and education we are also now considered experts in the design and build of healthier, & more energy efficient homes, including constructing with Structural Insulated Panels, and Passive House Construction.

  • Building with Structural Insulated Panels? – We are a leader in this form of construction.  With over 10 years experience building with SIPs, and passive house construction, plus our own indoor panel assembly plant, you will have the best expertise and working knowledge on tap.   We are also a Preferred Partner for Formance SIPs.  Not heard of SIPs? Find out more here.

100% GuaranteeOUR PROMISE ………. We don’t just guarantee exceptional workmanship, our fixed price contract and open communication provide you confidence and reassurance that your new home, and the journey there, will be a success.


  • Proven Expertise – Highly experienced in and qualified to design and build your exceptional home. We know whats required and will ensure its done right!

  • Superior Quality – experienced craftsmen and only reputable materials. Your house WILL stand the test of time!

  • Outstanding Customer Experience – Tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Includes access to your own online client portal 24/7.  No excuses for miscommunication!

  • Defect Free – Experienced and committed staff, and proven systems. An independent 10 year guarantee provides additional reassurance.

  • Fixed Contract Price – It is what it is! Foolproof variation process. No surprises!

  • Professionalism – Integrity and Accessibility. Providing professionals like yourselves with the service you expect, and aspire to provide yourselves.

benefits of sips ebook

Your Own Communication and Job Management Tool!

Effectively communicate with us via our Secure Online Job Specific Management Programme. Among other things, keep up to date on the job, track requests and selections, and ensure warranty requirements undertaken.

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why choose chatterton builders

So if you are looking for a trusted builder in North Canterbury and Christchurch, contact us for more information and an informal chat.

Our Difference

Let us take you on your own amazing journey and leave you with an exceptional souvenir – your dream home!  Why not experience exceptional service, innovation, reliability and a company true to their word.

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Our Galleries

Whether its high performing energy efficient homes, or an architectural showpiece, we have the experience and knowledge to create your dream home.  See what our breadth of expertise in even the most complex hill builds can achieve!

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Latest Blog

Structural Insulated Panels

These panels provide high insulation performance, greater strength, faster installation, increased air-tightness and superior environmental sustainability to a conventional build. With over 10 years experience we are leading the field.

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Our Plans

If you like the ease of having a base plan to work with, or the confidence of a price guide, then our plan selection is a great place to start. Our plans can be tweaked to suit your lifestyle & level of energy efficiency you want.

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24/7 Online Access

Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, Chatterton Builders puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.

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The Principals of Building a Healthy Energy Efficient Home

Over the Years Chatterton Builders have built the whole range of high performing homes and fully understand the principals and intricacies of constructing homes for better comfort, health and energy efficiency.

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About Us

Who are we?  What can we bring to your project?  Who do you want building your home?  Have a look at our team and credentials and see what we can bring to your project!  Our dedicated team share their passion with you.

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how to choose the right builder ebook

These men worked long hours in sometimes inclement weather, were fastidious in their work and took great pride in the excellent end result. 

We are very pleased with our new home and would have no hesitation in recommending Chatterton Builders……


………The best part about dealing with Brent was once again his professionalism and his constant communication.

He followed up everything and was very approachable throughout the whole building process. I would definitely use them again.

Roxanne & Charles