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Our blog provides a window into, not only our work, but our values, ideas and community involvement.  Hopefully, you will gain some value from reading these posts, and perhaps gain some insight into the people and business behind Chatterton Builders.

The Downsizing Trend!

People are now recognizing that they want something that looks and feels good to live in, but they don’t need as much stuff and space as they thought they did.  There are many factors influencing this, not limited to the... Read More

European Home Design Inspiration

European Inspiration in New Zealand designs is not new but it does constantly evolve and bring fresh ideas which can be manipulated or reformed to suit our own living styles here. Here are a few ideas coming from the UK currently,... Read More

The Latest Tiling Trends!!

We often get asked by our clients about the latest trends and what’s new when it comes to flooring and tiling. So we thought we would get the latest from our suppliers to perhaps get you thinking about possibilities for... Read More

The Business of Building

If a client is looking for a builder to build their dream home I wonder how many clients consider the business acumen, practices, or knowledge of prospective builders. Those clients who are in business themselves may do……but in my experience... Read More