Building for Health, Comfort & Energy Efficiency – Free Guide

Our aim is not only to encourage energy efficient building options but ultimately to create a comfortable and healthy living environment, where saving costs is a bi-product of comfort and well being.

If health, comfort, sustainability and energy savings are important to you then its important to find out what you can do to ensure these ideals are balanced with your design ideas and budget.  The best time to do this is early on in your building journey with the right expertise and experienced designers and trade people.

We are passionate about not only creating beautiful homes but about building a home you will want to spend time in, experience comfort and move away from an acceptance in NZ of ‘putting up’ with issues such as condensation, mould, drafts, large temperature fluctuations and poor air quality.


Advances in products and construction methods means you have many more options today to move away from the bear minimum the Building Code requires, and create much higher thermal performance in a building.

We have created a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in achieving better thermal comfort, a healthier living environment and long term energy savings.

Download it now to find out more about these essential considerations if you are building a new home or renovating.

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