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Do you want an extremely energy efficient home that’s also strong yet flexible?


At Chatterton Builders we are excited about innovative ways to create high performing energy efficient homes.  Having designed and built a large number of homes with SIPs for over 10 years we can confidently claim to be leaders in this field of construction.

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Structural Insulated Panels allow:

  • Superior insulation performance
  • Superior air tightness
  • Withstands high wind loads and seismic forces.
  • Freedom of design, including curves and spanning large distances.
  • Reduced build time due to earlier weathertight shell and factory manufacture.
  • Freedom of cladding options.

A major factor is what the walls and roofs are made from as this effectively helps form the building envelope, and provides structural strength.

Chatterton Builders are trained and experienced in the use of structural insulated panels.  Having successfully completed a large number of SIPs builds over the last 11 years we can claim to be leaders in this field of construction.


Rapid Install of SIPs Panels – another benefit of using SIPs!

Check out this 3 minute time lapse video of our experienced staff installing all the SIPs wall panels for a Christchurch School over 3 days.



Structural Insulated Panels are slowly becoming more well known in New Zealand due to the success they have seen so far and the growing evidence, both here and overseas, of their benefits for insulation, strength and rapid installation. 

The exceptional strength and bracing properties are often over shadowed by the insulation benefits but the strength, and the ductility, of this product is significant in addressing a number of issues, including their suitability for earthquake zones. 

To find out more about their suitability download our FREE informative brochure on the benefits of SIPs in earthquake zones.

Whilst the material is slightly more expensive cost savings occur in build time and don’t forget the long term savings on energy.


Not all SIP’s are the same and not all SIPs suppliers are the same.  We have partnered up with Formance, and have been working with their product for years on countless successful projects.  Our experience with this product and our relationship with the company has been extremely positive, with customers benefiting from a great product and a solid team of both builder and supplier.  


Chatterton Builders also has its own SIPs panel assembly plant.  We are very fortunate to be able to assemble our own panels inside our assembly plant before transportation to site.  This allows us to assemble without the delays that weather and on site conditions can often produce.  It also means your panels don’t spend excessive amounts of time exposed to the elements.  We take the panels to site where they are erected with the assistance of a crane, without delay, allowing us to progress the build to a weatherproof shell a lot sooner.


sips in factory

SIPs panels ready for assembly inside our assembly plant

sips on truck

SIPs panels (half a two storey house) arriving on a truck outside of our assembly plant

The Benefits of SIPs in Earthquake Zones! Download Our FREE Brochure To Find Out Why You Should Consider Building with SIPs

  • What are Structural Insulated Panels?
  • The Superior Strength of SIP’s
  • Withstanding Earthquakes World Wide
  • Japans Earthquake Simulation on a Multi Level SIPs Building
  • ‘Formance’ Panels and a Local Case Study
  • Ductility in SIPs and Why it it Important
  • The Cost of SIPs
  • …and Much Much More!

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Want To Find Out More About SIP’s?

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If you are interested in finding out more, request a copy of our ’10 Great Facts about Structural Insulated Panels!’, and The Benefits of SIPs in Earthquake Zones! or feel free to contact us to discuss your energy saving options.

Formance are our major panel supplier and Chatterton Builders are a ‘Formance Preferred Partner’.  For more information about Formance structural insulated panels click

Want To Know More About SIPs? Check Out Our Video Guides