Chatterton Builders  – Building Exceptional Passive Housing

Do you want a home that consumes 75-90% less heating energy whilst providing healthier comfortable living spaces?  Have you thought about building a Passive House?

Chatterton Builders have teamed up with eHaus, a company who specialises in designing passive housing and, importantly, tests them to ensure they meet the criteria they were designed to achieve.
We believe eHaus houses are designed to be exceptional and deserve exceptional building skills & systems to complete the home owners dream!

Check out the video ‘Passive Housing Explained in 90 Seconds’, further down this page!

Benefits of Passive Housing:

  • An eHaus is always between 20 & 25 degrees in every room with almost no heating or cooling equipment.
  • Scientifically proven to be mould free.  Controlled indoor humidity of between 40 and 60%.
  • 84% of the heat is reused which would otherwise be wasted.
  • Constant supply of fresh filtered outside air optimising everyday health.  Constant monitoring of indoor air so oxygen and CO2 levels can be optimised at any time.
  • 98% off pollen is removed from the air before you breath it.
  • No draughts yet all windows are fully operable to introduce a refreshing breeze.  Simply shut windows to create an airtight seal.
  • Over 15-25 years you can save over $100,000 in heating and cooling costs, plus have a much better comfort level.

Benefits of Using eHaus and Chatterton Builders:

  • The Germans, through 20+ years of passive house intelligence, have developed a system where it can predict a buildings energy consumption down to plus or minus 0.5kWh.  This is the system we will use.  Every detail is analysed to ensure no elements of the design or build will act as heat transfer highways, and hence energy loss.
  • eHaus and Chatterton Builders have chosen to work together in Canterbury due to a shared desire to improve the woefully inadequate minimum building code, and indoor living environments, but also recognition that each party has the skill, experience and passion to successfully achieve guaranteed high performance levels in our homes.
    Chatterton Builders already has significant experience in Energy Efficient builds, that alongside our commitment to quality and customer service saw Passive Housing as the ultimate step to achieve higher quality and better performing homes for its occupants.
  • Anyone working on your passive home, whether it is in the design or testing stage, or throughout the build stage, will be trained and experienced in this specialist field.  eHaus are Certified Passive House Designers and Brent Chatterton also holds the Certified Passive House Trades Person Certificate.  Achieving these certifications is not a walk in the park, its a tough course and exam which is then sent to Germany to be marked by Certified Examiners.  A great assurance for the client!  The requirement for training and experience also extends to any sub contractors working on your home.  This ensures that not only are all passive house standards ensured but that everyone understands why they are doing the things the way they are doing them……less mistakes, less time fixing and better performance results.
  • An eHaus is designed to require less maintenance through use of durable and quality materials.
  • An eHaus is designed to last generations – well beyond the 50 years legislation requires.
  • eHaus undertakes the entire design process with their experienced passive house designers.  They work closely with us to ensure clients needs are met and any practicalities are discussed early on.
  • eHaus provides all the testing equipment to ensure your house meets the passive house criteria it was designed for – so it really does do what it claims!  In fact, check out the eHaus blog for client feedback on results of their testing!!

For more technical details and information on building an eHaus Passive House click here

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