Chatterton Builders/eHaus Canterbury – Design & Build of Exceptional Passive Housing

A home that can consume 75-90% less heating energy whilst providing healthy comfortable living spaces year round throughout your home?  Have you heard about the ultimate in high performing homes – a Certified Passive House?

Chatterton Builders have teamed up with eHaus, New Zealand leaders in the design/build and testing of passive housing. This opportunity adds significantly to the suite of energy efficient options we are able to offer, through years of growing our expertise in the field of better performing homes. This relationship was a natural extension of our drive to provide better housing options for New Zealander’s.

Design build projects under this arm of our business are conducted under eHaus Canterbury.  Same team, same expertise, same management….just a different name to reflect the partnership with the eHaus national operation and the specialist work that sets these homes apart*.

Whilst many of our homes are built to principals that increase energy efficiency, comfort and health – sometimes described as passive house principals, they may not be ‘Internationally Certified’ Passive Houses or Low Energy Homes, through home owner choice.   However, some home owners want their house to be ‘Certified’, others don’t, but do want to know how their house, & large investment, will perform using the testing and measuring, that is part of the certification process.  

Certification is undertaken by the International Passive House Association (iPHA) and requires certain criteria to be reached.  House designs are tested against these criteria, and measurements taken (namely air tightness), during the build to ensure houses, which are designed to be  passive houses, actually meet the criteria and are able to gain certification.  The importance of this testing is that you can see how the house will perform, regardless of whether you are going for certification or not, and if there are any issues with the design or materials proposed, in its unique location, adjustments to the design can be made before its too late. 

*What sets these builds apart is two fold:

  1. The testing and measuring to provide details on the thermal performance of the home, if built to plan.
  2. The design of these homes to specifically meet the Passive House certification criteria desired, and then tested and measured to ensure this will be achieved.

There are two avenues of design/build, under eHaus, which fall under the umbrellas above:

  1. eHaus Euro – These cover all design/build types which are recognized by the International Passive House Association (iPHA) and are therefore capable of achieving the relevant international certification, if the homeowner wants this.  The certification includes – Low Energy Homes, Passive House Classic, Passive House Plus, Passive House Premium.  The performance requirements are stipulated by the iPHA.  Additional build costs vary dependent on many things, but a good indication is 10-15% extra for a Certified Passive House Classic, and up to 10% for Low Energy Certification.
  2. eHaus Pacific – These cover design/builds whereby the homeowner does not require certification, or the level of performance offered under 1.  However, they would still like to achieve a home above the minimum building code, and have the design tested through PHPP to ensure agreed performance levels can be achieved with the design, and, if necessary, can review design tweaks and their effect on performance dependent upon budget constraints (cost v benefit analysis).  Performance criteria still apply but these are locally stipulated (by eHaus) to establish effective measures and checks, and are not part of the iPHA framework.  This option is in recognition of an increasing market looking for healthier more comfortable homes. But, through choice , or budget constraints, decide that the Euro is not an option.

Check out the video ‘Passive Housing Explained in 90 Seconds’, further down this page!

Benefits of Passive Housing (Based upon criteria of an Internationally recognised Passive House Classic):

  • An eHaus is always between 20 & 25 degrees in every room with almost no heating or cooling equipment.
  • Scientifically proven to be mould free.  Controlled indoor humidity of between 40 and 60%.
  • 84% of the heat is reused which would otherwise be wasted.
  • Constant supply of fresh filtered outside air optimising everyday health. Constant monitoring of indoor air so oxygen and CO2 levels can be optimised at any time.
  • 98% off pollen is removed from the air before you breath it.
  • No draughts yet all windows are fully operable to introduce a refreshing breeze. Simply shut windows to create an airtight seal.
  • Over 15-25 years you can save over $100,000 in heating and cooling costs, plus have a much better comfort level.

Benefits of Using eHaus and Chatterton Builders:

  • The Germans, through 20+ years of passive house intelligence, have developed a system where it can predict a buildings energy consumption down to plus or minus 0.5kWh. This is the system we will use. Every detail is analysed to ensure no elements of the design or build will act as heat transfer highways, and hence energy loss.
  • eHaus and Chatterton Builders have chosen to work together in recognition that each party has the skill, experience and passion to successfully achieve homes that meet International Passive House criteria.
  • Chatterton Builders already has significant experience in Energy Efficient builds, that alongside our commitment to quality and customer service saw Passive Housing as the ultimate option for the highest performing homes.
  • Anyone working on your passive home, whether it is in the design or testing stage, or throughout the build stage, will be trained and experienced in this specialist field. eHaus are Certified Passive House Designers, and Brent Chatterton & Ciaran McCrory also hold the Certified Passive House Trades Person Certificate. Achieving these certifications is not a walk in the park, its a tough course and exam which is then sent to Germany to be marked by Certified Examiners. A great assurance for the client! The requirement for training and experience also extends to any sub contractors working on your home. This ensures that not only are all passive house standards ensured but that everyone understands why they are doing the things the way they are doing them……less mistakes, less time fixing and better performance results.
  • An eHaus is designed to require less maintenance through use of durable and quality materials.
  • An eHaus is designed to last generations – well beyond the 50 years legislation requires.
  • eHaus provides all the testing equipment to ensure your house meets the passive house criteria it was designed for – so it really does do what it claims!  In fact, check out the eHaus blog for client feedback on results of their testing!!

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