Your Free Guide To The Ultimate in High Performing Homes!

Your Free Guide To The Ultimate in High Performing Homes!

A passive house is arguably the ultimate energy efficient home. It is characterised by an especially high level of comfort with extremely low energy consumption. Through the use of knowledgeable design and experienced modelling we can predict a buildings energy consumption down to plus or minus 0.5kWh.

This guide covers how passivhaus can achieve this and what this means to you and the health and comfort of your indoor living environment. We address temperature and temperature fluctuations, draughts, allergens, plus condensation and hidden mould formation.

How your home affects your health is often not fully realised. We purchase a car based upon its safety, and avoid food that is reported to be bad for our health, so it is important that we consider arguably the biggest influence on our health – our home!

The eHaus passive house option also allows us to predict the performance, comfort and health benefits, of a design through testing, which provides quality assurances and peace of mind that you and your family have achieved a healthier and happier place to live.

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