Considering an Energy Efficient Home?

Considering an Energy Efficient Home?

crane with sipsEnergy efficient options are increasing in popularity for good reason, but ultimately, we want to create a comfortable and healthy living environment, where saving costs is a bi-product of comfort and well-being.

Building an energy efficient home requires expertise in the design and build process.  If you address one item in your home, how does this affect other things? 

For example, there is no point spending a lot of money on better windows if your home is still leaking thermal energy through poor insulation.  Also, if you reduce leakages in your home creating a more airtight environment, how are you ensuring your home is adequately ventilated without compromising the thermal integrity?  It is very achievable with the right advice, and expertise.


You can easily gain a warm comfortable home with great air quality, and ‘even’ temperatures throughout, by applying some key principals. 

  • Insulation
  • Airtightness
  • Thermal Bridges Addressed
  • High Performing Windows
  • Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System


Ensure you use a builder who has experience in this type of construction to ensure the thermal integrity is not compromised through traditional building practices, or lack of understanding.

It is also extremely advantageous to have the builder involved with yourself, and the designer, right from the start.  The three of you can work together to ensure a design is created that works for you and your priorities, and importantly is achievable within your budget.  


We also undertake Blower Door Testing – this is a reliable and accurate indicator of the air tightness of your home.  Compulsory in many countries overseas where there are tighter regulations on air tightness levels, it is increasingly used here to measure how leaky a home is and therefore the level of uncontrolled air movement and draughts.  Passive Houses world wide require Blower Door Testing, and Chatterton Builders have taken this one step further and test all of their homes. There is talk of it being regulated for all housing here in NZ so watch this space. 

If you would like the air tightness of your own home tested talk to us.

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