Chatterton Builders Design & Build Team

Our passion and expertise provide you with a healthier more comfortable home of exceptional quality.

chatterton teamAs sports enthusiasts, we believe building a home, is likened to committing to the BIGGEST race or event that you have ever done!  You want to enjoy the journey and relish the challenges, and the goal is always success and to achieve the best result you possibly can.  

Chatterton Builders have been building quality homes in the Canterbury Region since 1998.

Through years of experience in the industry we made a conscious move towards higher performing energy efficient homes built above the minimum building code.



Dedicated to Energy Efficient Higher Performing Homes

A major element of performance is good design and quality materials. However, neither will be effective without high quality workmanship and proven experience in the specified construction methods.

Quality has always been our major focus, so it was a no-brainer to expand our business into more
specialist areas of high performing building.

To date we have completed a large number of Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) projects, from architectural homes to social housing and new schools. Our SIPs experience is highly sought after in the industry and we also undertake our own SIPs panel assembly for our own builds, and for others, at our panel assembly plant in Rangiora.

Having been one of the first builders to achieve accreditation to build with SIPs in NZ, the desire to create more high quality, warm, healthy living environments has been realised through involvement with  iPHA (International Passive House Association), like minded designers, and specialist supplier relationships and continuing education.

We are passionate about creating warm, healthy, high quality homes, with tangible results in terms of indoor comfort, indoor air quality and significantly reduced power bills.

Currently all our homes apply some level of energy efficiency, including ‘Passive House’ construction, and are well above the minimum building code.  It is not a one size fits all practice.  The performance level sought is very much dependent upon the clients priorities in terms of the type of house they want, and their budget. 

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Dedicated Staff and a Stress-Free Process

builderOur teams are handpicked for not only being highly skilled craftsmen, but also for possessing the same values as our company, pride in their work and striving for success.

Our builders demonstrate great life skills outside of work making them an ideal fit for our team.  From representative rugby players, ex service men and even an ex rep water skier our teams know how to work hard, persevere and aim high.

As well as our skilled building teams, our company offers our clients a dedicated Project Manager, and Client Liaison.  We have an experienced Designer on site but are also fortunate to have a number of highly regarded architects & designers that we work well with whereupon a positive constructive relationship has been built up over the years.




Our Dedication to you………

chatterton teamWe specialise in high performing homes of exceptional quality and design.
We are committed to a superior service and we will never cut corners – we absolutely guarantee!

All our houses still look great today – we want you to have a home that looks amazing for many many years to come.  Why not come and see some of our work?

We use trusted sub contractors,  people we know won’t cut corners,  are professional and act with integrity. We also have key supply partners who we expect to deliver quality goods, on time and in good condition. 

Chatterton Builders Ltd are Licensed Building Practitioners, members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association,  and the Association of Professional Builders. This provides further peace of mind for you when making one of your biggest investments. We are also Site Safe accredited and have previously won awards due to our dedication to safe working practices.


Our Dedication to Innovation….

Through our systemized approach and embracing software applications we have developed a stress free process providing you complete insight into your project, anytime, anywhere.  Our team are keen to embrace innovation especially where it improves communication and opens up linkages between the client, site and the office.

We believe to succeed and deliver results you must continually develop, seeking new ways to improve both your own skills and that of the company.  All our Builders regularly attend skills and product training sessions, and our company constantly works to improve its systems and processes, upskilling staff and encouraging an enquiring mind.  Technology and new software are key.  Implementing use of on-site apps is revolutionizing processes enabling a more efficient design & build process, and excellent communication.


Online Access for Clients

online portalTo add to your customer experience we use an online programme to help manage the job and provide you with up to date information on your job.

This won’t replace face to face meetings or phone conversation, which are still vital to the project, but provides information at your fingertips, all in one place, and a means of trackable communication.

Whether you are at home, work, on the road or on site, the information is always accessible:

  • Selections can be made;
  • upcoming decisions flagged to you;
  • variations can be requested by you , priced by us and then approved by you;
  • schedules can be viewed;
  • questions can be asked;
  • documents/photos/brochures can be uploaded for viewing;
  • information can be shared with subcontractors or suppliers

EVERYTHING is one place and there at your fingertips.

All our clients receive instruction on how to use this simple but incredibly successful system.

Our Mission

To provide clients with a superior build experience, reassurance of outstanding craftsmanship and a beautiful home that stands the test of time.

Our Values

The reassurance of honesty and trust, from our entire team, throughout the building process.  Processes and communication remain open and we are accountable for delivering on our promises.

Effective and frequent Communication is integral to our relationship, and the success of the building result and process.  We embrace all avenues of contact to ensure accessibility, understanding and clarification throughout the entire process.

We strive to be the best in what we do, and provide this service for our clients.  We employ experienced craftsmen, embrace innovation, follow proven processes and importantly develop dynamic relationships with our clients to achieve an exceptional result.  Be won’t sit idle though!  To be the best we must keep developing ourselves!

Team Work
We employ staff who share our same values and relish the team spirit of working together to produce an exceptional result.  Everyone plays an important role and supports each other to achieve the best they can and take pride in what they have created for the client.