Chatterton Builders Providing a Range of Exceptional Design & Build Services to North Canterbury and Christchurch

Exceptional Design Services for Quality Homes

living area with fireplaceIf you are starting from scratch don’t worry we can help you with various options to suit your ideas, section and budget. Be assured that each custom design for our clients is unique and based upon what you want, not the architects own dream!

Your budget is our guide and we will work hard to ensure you get the best result for your budget.

We utilise a range of reputable and experienced designers.  They all vary in creativity, flair, cost, design/material preferences and expertise. We first discuss your ideas, find out more about your style, needs & wants, and limitations. We can then assist you to make an informed decision on who would best suit your needs.

Depending on the thermal performance level you wish to have in your home, we can also recommend a number of designers we work with to produce a high performing home, in terms of warmth, comfort and energy efficiency,  that suits your needs and individual budgets.  It is not a one size fits all and detailed thought and discussion about your priorities and lifestyle requirements are essential before the design process begins.  Our in house designer is one such choice available, allowing ease of access and a more economical design option.

The Designer Builder relationship is very important and the earlier in the process this can be established the better. By working closely together, with you, the client, as a team, we can avoid cost blow outs in design, discuss alternative building methods/materials and provide you with a design that meets all your requirements.  Our most cost effective option is our in-house contract designer and you can’t get closer than someone working in the same offices!  Our other designers are based close by in Christchurch again enabling a close working relationship, and choices dependent upon your needs and budget.

We are happy to show you some of the designers work and arrange introductory meetings with the potential designer(s). These designers undertake both the concept plans and the final working drawings ready to submit to the local Council.

“A well-managed team that not only produced a high quality build, but also ensured good communication throughout the process, including the design stage where early feedback on cost estimates and options were really helpful.” Jason - HighamArchitecture

Exceptional Project Management & a Specialist Team:

We have the expertise and experience to Project Manage your build wherever you are in the process, whether you already have plans or are looking for a Designer.

Here are some examples:

  • brent chattertonKnow lead in times and potential bottle necks to progress, thereby ensuring minimal delays.
  • By working with the architect and designer early on, as a team, we are already knowledgeable of your build and its design. This helps efficiency and the ongoing relationship with the designer minimises issues and maximises productivity.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in the specialist field of high performing homes and passive house design and construction methods.  Key building teams work on these specialist builds along with the same sub contractors who have also been trained.
  • Brent is one of a handful of people in NZ to have achieved Passive House Trades Person Certification.
  • Know how various organisations/councils and planners work and how to achieve the best result.
  • Deal with any issues that arise and ensure they are resolved.
  • Offer advice and options from years of experience.
  • Design a build schedule and keep it updated on our online job management system
  • Assist with selections at the required time. Some decisions need to be made very early to avoid delays in the actual build (i.e. plumbing) or delivery (i.e. some appliances or specialist furnishings) whereas others may be better off being made down the track. We know where delays can be avoided and are able to assist you to make informed decisions.
  • Introduce you to interior designers/landscape designers etc, if required.

Our Project Manager also:

  • Allows the Foreman and building team to stay on site and build your house, without having to leave to sort out consent issues or order materials. This reduces delays on site.
  • Has accountability to ensure the projects progress.
  • Is an experienced Carpenter thereby understands the building issues and requirements (can walk the walk!).
  • Works with our specialist building teams and ensures the criteria for application of passive house principals or energy efficient homes are implemented correctly.
  • Allows the client a point of contact who knows everything about their project and is responsible for regular communication and feedback.

Exceptional New Homes throughout North Canterbury and Christchurch

new home grey

We have a lot of experience in quality architectural builds and those builds with more complex building solutions, particularly the specialist field of high performing energy efficient homes and Structural Insulated Panel construction, but we also undertake more conventional homes for those looking for a superior quality build and a high level of finish. Perhaps you would like to do something a little bit different or you are looking for that exceptional service.

We thrive on variety and delivering to you, the client, what you really want. Variations and challenges don’t worry us and we will work with you to ensure you are happy and informed throughout the entire process.

There are various building contracts available to use to protect both parties, but our preferred option is the Certified Builders Full Build Contract. This contract takes full advantage of our project management service and ensures a smoother more cost effective process as only one experienced entity is managing the entire process. Reassurance is provided through our Certified Builders Independent HALO 10 year Guarantee, backed by Lloyds of London

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Exceptional Renovations & Alterations throughout North Canterbury and Christchurch

timber floors and new kitchenWhether it is the modification of a character home, or a million dollar addition we have the expertise and ability to undertake this work for you.

Renovations, additions, repairs and alterations, they can be challenging jobs but very rewarding. Chatterton Builders has years of experience to glean from and has many of successful renovation/alteration jobs under its belt. It is important with these projects that thorough knowledge of potential issues is understood and as such requirements/costs can be fully scoped. This means the client is fully aware of the issues and potential costs up front.

In some cases, for example, very old houses, it may be impossible to see the full extent of damage without first removing parts of the housing structure. If this is the case there are options such as ‘charge up’ whereby the cost is based upon the time worked and the materials needed to complete the job. This is closely monitored and documented to ensure clarity and transparency. In many cases, however, a quote can be given for the work as per the plans, and a very clear scope of works agreed to. This must be accepted by you before any work can begin.

As a client you will receive no less service than a full build client. We can still assist with selections, and the client has full use of our expertise and offices to talk through their plans and choices. Our Designers can draw up the plans, and if engineering is required we can arrange that too. Plus, we can handle all the consent requirements.  You also still have access to your own online management tool to see how your renovation is going, communicate with us and undertake any selections!

couple in new homeWe always have a Project Manager overseeing any job, be it large or small, to ensure its smooth progress, and regular communication with the clients.

We understand that in many cases you still need to live in your house, or are temporarily paying to live somewhere else. We manage the projects to ensure minimal disruption to you and project manage an efficient and smooth running operation to get you back into your home as soon as possible.

It is more common in this type of building work to have questions/issues arise during the construction process. This is why a good relationship and channels of communication, such as our online system, with the client is so important, and why our Project Managers work so hard at communication.